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Bettoni's hallmark approach to art is evident in Drawing the Sky. This time he has drawn his inspiration from koinobori, the carp-shaped kites that flutter in Japan's skies. Bettoni's photographs capture the moment and freeze the transitional as it rapidly evolves. The Japanese element, which is where the whole process began, has become vanishingly muted in these invented vedutas which, to borrow the words of the poet Hashin, are "neither sky nor earth". They are neither abstract or figurative either. They are worlds apart that the artist has created, using a fisheye lens to form rounded worlds because each circle is a finite world; together, the circles make a constellation of finite worlds. Exhibited in this form, they become the creation of a universe composed of self-contained parallel worlds. Also on view in the gallery is a second series of photos that focuses on architecture and its ability to create new landscapes...read more

Paolo Nelli